Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tybee Island

My husband and I went to Tybee Island, GA in March to spend the day.  
You see, we had just bought our dog and she was coming in on a plane from Michigan.  
The Airport is in Savannah, which is only a few minutes from the beach on Tybee, so we went and hung out a while there.  

This is the center of the GIANT gazebo at the mouth of the pier 

The birds were all Twitter-pated the day we were there
 they were freakin everywhere!  Singing and calling to each other.  it was really funny at times

 Just outside of the gazebo now, here is a look at the pier 

 Barnacles!  (doesn't that just sound like a funny exclamation more than a crustacean?) 

 There were some people out fishing off the end of the pier.  it was such a beautiful warm day for march.  There was one really obnoxious guy who was just sure he had a sting ray on his line, even though it was like 300 yards out and he hadn't seen anything...

 My husband 

 I got really nervous leaning over with my camera to take these pictures, but luckily nothing bad happened and I got these awesome shots

 what beautiful colors!  

 One of the male birds who was being crazy.  I caught him in mid flight, pretty awesome

 he's perched on the pipe that drains out from the fish cleaning sink.  

 trying to holler at some lady-birds

 I love this.  Lord knows how long this has been etched in this handrail.  could be decades.  I wonder if they are still together, or if they ever come back here.  I love seeing names etched places.  

 a view of the colorful hotels along the beach.  I love how at the beach you can get away with painting your house or business any color of the rainbow and nobody says boo.

 here are a couple little "shops" under the gazebo.  Love the colors

 View across the dunes
We planned to surprise the kids (they didn't know we were getting a new dog) so my dad watched them for us while we were out of town for the day.  we were going to pick her up from the airport at 10 pm and drive on home and pick the kids up and surprise them!

My husband and I had such an awesome day!
We went to the beach, 
We had lunch in Savannah on River street
We drove all over town and did some sight seeing
We rented bikes at Skidaway Island State Park and rode through the trails 
(possibly my favorite part of the day)
and then.....
the dog's flight was cancelled due to weather....
So we drove home (3 hours) and had to come back the following morning with kids in tow (my dad couldn't watch them this time)  and picked up our new baby, Magma! 

Here she is the day we picked her up

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