Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sprinkler Time!

Here in southern Georgia it gets crazy hot in the summer.  
And since we don't have a pool, 
The kids spend their time acting like goof-balls and running through the sprinkler while SQUEALING!

I had to turn the water pressure way down because Gracie wouldn't got near it when it was shooting up really high.

That's more like it Bunny!

Muscle Man!

Maggie LOVES getting wet!  She bites the water coming out of the hose when I wash the car! 
I've never had a dog before that LOVED the water.

 right up the nose!

Water Fountain?


Yep that's it!

Tristan catching a drink

This is one of my favorites

I believe he was being a monster and she was running away.... but... you can never really be sure with these two.

Tristan is winding up to punch the water
 the long pour!  lol

I love the smiles here!  

They love each other so much!

Brother and Sister!

..... just like a big brother...

"Hey Mom!"

Maggie waiting to catch some wetness

Happy Dog!

Goof ball!


My beautiful girl... 

My handsome boy

Hot summer, and cold cold well water coming through the sprinkler 
make for an enjoyable southern summer!


LG Designs said...

the last 2 pics did you photo shop them at all... because they are amazing... gorgeous babes beth!

Bethany Kline said...

yeah, I shopped the last two a little. I found this cool tutorial on pinterest for how to sharpen certain parts of pics with photoshop, so i sharpened the eyes. cool huh? :) if you look really closely you can see my reflection in Gracie's eyes!

LG Designs said...

what sweet babes

Bethany Kline said...

Thanks Lady! :)


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